Pastoral Leadership Team

Dr. Charles Cooper "Coup" is a 46-year veteran of Christian ministry. Having begun preaching at age 15, pastoring at age 17, and becoming a college professor at age 26, Coup remains actively involved in the kingdom business of Jesus Christ. He presently serves as a teaching pastor at Family Church of Central Florida and Director of Kingdom Alive Ministries and PreWrathRapture.com.

Among Coup’s contributions to the cause of Jesus Christ, (1) he has authored or co-authored eight books; (2) he has written over 20 journal articles and hundreds of blog posts; (3) he has lectured in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa in churches, colleges, and seminaries; and (4) he has planted three churches.

Born in Arkansas, Coup graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in 1982 and Dallas Theological Seminary, where he was honored with the Harry A. Ironside Expository Preaching Award, given to the best exegete and preacher of the graduating class. Other academic achievements are available upon request.

Since becoming a communicator of God's truth at age 15, Coup has been a pastor for 31 years in addition to his other vocational responsibilities. He taught homiletics and hermeneutics at the Moody Bible Institute for six years. He was also an instructor, biblical research, and education consultant for Sola Scriptura - an organization dedicated to affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of the Bible as the standard for truth - for eight years.

Coup maintains an active speaking, consulting, and training ministry around the world. Coup lives in Winter Garden with his wife, Sondra and they have one daughter.

Andy Jones has had the privilege of being married to his best friend, Carolann, for 37 years. Together, they have three incredible adult children. The eldest is married to an amazing husband and has three beautiful children.

Andy worked in sales for 20 years, then worked as a transportation manager for a Fortune 65 company, and has now been a small business owner for the last 13 years.

A licensed minister, Andy serves as a chaplain for three local police agencies, two fire departments, a local women's clinic, and recently, the Florida Highway Patrol.

Andy's passion is for people. Being a chaplain allows him to bring his "ministry of presence", where he is able to step into people's lives no matter the circumstances. Andy feels God's pleasure when he has the opportunity to serve as a friend, pastor, or chaplain.

His greatest joys are spending time with his bride, his family, and dear friends.

Sean LaGasse Sr. Sean is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated multiple companies throughout his 41-year career. One of Sean's favorite sayings is, "He is the best God I have ever served." This mindset stems from his entrepreneurial spirit, which began when he started his first home improvements and handiwork company at the age of 15. After serving money, relationship, culture, and self….   Sean dedicated his life to serving Jesus!   “He is the best God I’ve ever served.

33 years ago, Sean met his beautiful bride, Maria, and they started a family together. They now have four children - two boys, two girls - and two lovely grandchildren. Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, Sean also serves as a bi-vocational pastor. He holds the position of senior Pastor at Purpose Church Orlando and actively volunteers with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Samaritan Resource Center, Bethany Services, Eight Waves, and Choices Pregnancy Center.

Sean is a board member of Eight Waves, Operation Lost Sheep, and Jesus Movement ministries. Additionally, he supports several international ministries and missions as a valuable team member.

Above all else, Sean wants others to know that his most important aspect is his relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship takes precedence over personal accomplishments or any other successes he may have achieved.

Dr. Josh Taylor is the founder of House Blend Cafe (.com) and Do Good Farm (.org), both of which exist to care for the least of these and make the gospel beautiful to those who are unlikely to attend a church gathering on Sunday. He is the Head Farmer for 4Roots, a new farm campus being built near downtown Orlando. It will function like a science center for the City of Orlando, with a focus on agriculture and farming. Dr. Taylor holds a Doctorate in Apologetics and is passionate about highlighting how God has made Himself known through the things that have been made, especially in the soil food web. You can find his "God's Fingerprints in Nature" class at vineapologetics.com. He is married to Kelly, and they have two daughters, Morgan and Cameron.

Executive Board of Directors

Dave Ogden has excelled as a law enforcement executive, accumulating over three and a half decades of experience in police work. Currently serving as the Chief of Police in the Town of Windermere, he has orchestrated a successful transformation within the agency. Dave firmly believes that leadership is synonymous with discipleship, emphasizing the importance of radiating God's light to cultivate trust in the relationships he encounters.

Chief Dave Ogden holds a profound appreciation for the spirit of volunteerism and embraces the principles of servant leadership within our local community. He actively participates in several local nonprofit charities, dedicating his time and effort to positively impact the community he serves.

Dave Ogden is happily married to Shelly, and together, they form a blended family with four children. The couple faced the heartbreaking loss of their son, Kaleb, to a rare terminal condition in 2012. This tragedy profoundly impacted their lives, drawing them closer to God rather than pulling them away. Inspired by their journey of love, faith, and hope, Dave and Shelly are passionate about sharing their story with the community and first responders, spreading the message of the Gospel.

Tim Baker is a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a businessman. Tim has purposed to be a faithful follower of Christ for more than 50 years. Matthew 6:33, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God..." has been the guiding principle of his life since he was a young man. He has served the local church in a variety of ways and currently attends Mosaic in Winter Garden. He believes that life change occurs most often in small groups of people living in relationship.

Tim and his wife, Stephanie, are native Floridians and have been married for 38 years. Together, they have six children (including three in-laws) and five grandchildren. Tim's love for his family is exceeded only by his love for Jesus.

Tim is the Chief Financial Officer of Hello Destination Management, a Certified Public Accountant, and a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida. He has served the Mears family and worked on their businesses with them for more than 25 years.

Tim and Stephanie are passionate about Christian Education, believing it is one of the best ways to fulfill Proverbs 22:6. They have supported local Christian schools and the CRU ministry team at Auburn University for many years.

We are honored to introduce Scott Spragg an exceptional individual who serves as one of the Executive Board of Directors here at IronMen of God. Scott brings with him an impressive background in the financial services industry, spanning over three decades, and has recently transitioned into the nonprofit sector, driven by his passion for making a difference.

Scott's unwavering faith has shaped his life in profound ways, and he is dedicated to sharing the incredible impact God has had on him. As a devoted family man, he exemplifies leadership and love within his own family, setting a positive example for all those around him. His heart is particularly drawn to helping children, and he is truly committed to making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Through various initiatives, including Eight Waves, IronMen of God, and Do Good Farm, Scott's mission is to serve people and create a ripple effect of positive change. His vision extends beyond himself, as he strives to inspire others to join this incredible journey of faith, service, and community.

With 36 years of marriage, Scott is blessed with four children and five grandchildren. When he isn't passionately working towards making an impact, you can find him indulging in his love for all sports, wholeheartedly cheering for the three Pittsburgh sports teams. Nature also calls to his soul, and he finds solace and joy in spending time outdoors, connecting with the beauty that surrounds us.

We are genuinely thrilled to have Scott as part of our IronMen of God team. Together, with his leadership and unwavering dedication, we will continue to fulfill our mission of empowering and uplifting countless lives. Scott's commitment to leaving a lasting legacy of love and compassion is truly inspiring, and we are privileged to have him by our side.

Advisory Board

Rodney Green was born and raised in Philadelphia. He is happily married to his wife of 29 years, Wendy. Together, they have four beautiful children: Sierra, Keyen, Rodney Jr., Kayla, and one incredible grandchild, Xavier.

Rodney is an avid sports fan, with basketball being his first love. But more than sports is his passion for serving Christ and his family.

Rodney has worked in sales for over 20 years with several Fortune 500 companies, such as Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, and Nabisco, to name a few.

A published author, business owner, mentor, and friend, Rodney found his calling for serving and helping people while working for the United States House of Representatives. He discovered that serving others, without expecting anything in return, gave him the ultimate satisfaction.

Rodney has the gift of encouragement and maintains an optimistic point of view. Regardless of what he's facing, he can find the good or God in it. He often uses the term "embrace the suck," which speaks to facing challenges head-on, embracing those challenges while holding unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

The most important thing to Rodney, next to Jesus Christ, is his unwavering love for his wife, children, and grandchild. Now in chapter 58 of his life, his mission is to leave a godly legacy that transcends this life and extends beyond.

David Hill is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and a dedicated financial professional with 30 years of experience. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve financial independence and live a life of generosity. In addition to assisting his clients, David also shares his expertise with other financial professionals as an instructor at the Cannon Financial Institute. Through coaching and training, he aims to help others improve their ability to serve their clients, following his philosophy of "helping others help others."

David is a respected member of the Raymond James Chairman's Council since 2009. This prestigious honor is awarded to a select few who demonstrate unwavering commitment to the values that define Raymond James, including independence, innovation, intelligence, and integrity.

David earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Liberty University. He also holds an Associate's degree in Military Science from Washington and Lee University, where he became a U.S. Army Officer upon graduation.

Continuing his commitment to education, David completed the Certification and Professional Education Program at the University of Central Florida, leading to his certification as a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner. He furthered his education through Cannon Financial, earning the Certified Wealth Strategist™ designation.

In addition to his financial expertise, David is the founder of IronMen of God™, a dynamic men's ministry dedicated to disciplining men and inspiring them to live out their faith in their daily lives.

Originally from Miami, David now resides in Windermere, Florida. Outside of his work in finance, he is deeply passionate about his faith, family, and supporting nonprofit causes. David has been happily married to his bride Carolyn for more than 30 years and is the proud father of two grown daughters.

Ryan Holden is married to his high school sweetheart, Faith, and together they have 2 amazing children, Reign and Ruby. Ryan has lived in Orlando for most of his life and carries a huge heart for the Central Florida Community. He served the city as a full-time missionary to the Paramore neighborhood and currently serves as the Director of Discipleship for Iron Men of God. Ryan is also an entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality. He owns and operates two local Orlando businesses, Deeply Coffee Company and Sizzlin' Greens.

Patrick Morley, PhD, is the founder of Man in the Mirror, a global ministry impacting thousands of churches and millions of men. After building one of Florida’s one hundred largest privately held companies by the age of thirty-five, Patrick thought, “There must be more to life than this.” Motivated by his own search for meaning and purpose, he started a weekly Bible study in a bar with a handful of guys in 1986— a study that now reaches thousands of men around the world every week. You can find the study at patrickmorley.com/mimbiblestudy. He has written twenty-three books, including The Man in the Mirror, named one of the one hundred most influential Christian books of the twentieth century. His passion is helping men make sense of their lives. His mission is to take God’s message of love to a broken generation. He and his wife live in Winter Park, Florida. You can hear more about his story and be encouraged in a variety of practical ways at patrickmorley.com