Doctrine of Future


At some point in human history, Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth, and the time period of human history in which we currently live will come to the end. The Bible is very clear that this current era of human history, as well as the current reign of sin, will eventually come to a close. However, precisely how and when the end will come is unclear. Many churches, preachers and denominations believe different things about future events. In the links below, the various views and perspectives about the Doctrine of the Future are highlighted and expounded upon.


For an extensive study, see these teachings from theologian and author Wayne Grudem:

  • The Return of Christ: When and How? | Mp3 | Outline
  • The Millennium: A-Millennial and Post-Millennial Views | Mp3 | Outline
  • The Millennium: The Pre-Millennial View | Mp3 | Outline
  • The New Heavens and New Earth | Mp3 | Outline

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