January 2021 Connect – Trust

January 8th:

  1. What areas in your life reflect a lack of trust in God?  In other words, in what areas are you still trying to do things in your own strength and by your own wisdom?
  2. How do we nurture and develop a greater trust and reliance on God when our flesh and the culture pull us in the opposite direction?
  3. What aspect of trust in God as it plays out in your life in 2021 can your fellow table members be praying for you throughout this year?

January 15th:

  1. In light of the events during the past couple of weeks, how has it affected your relationships? Are you fearful, or leaning towards God and His trustworthiness?
  2. Talk about a time in your faith journey where the only thing you could do is trust God and His faithfulness to see you through.
  3. When was a time that God did not provide you with what you thought you needed? How did that situation turn out?

January 22nd:

  1. Which of the 5 pillars of trust do you have the hardest time modeling in your relationships? Communication, Connection, Caring, Commitment, or Christ-Centeredness?
  2. 1 Corinthians 13:7 says “Love always trusts.” What does this mean to you in your relationships?
  3. Can you love someone you can’t trust?