IronMen of God Presents Doctrine

The men that make up the IronMen of God feel very passionate about knowing God well and becoming intimately acquainted with the character of our Almighty Creator. Many men everywhere are also passionate about becoming more familiar with the character and attributes of God, just like we are. In an effort to be a resource to those men, we have launched this “Doctrine” section of the Iron Men of God website.

Many people get bothered by words like doctrine or theology. Many individuals have preconceived notions about what theology is or is not. Well, theology is simple: it is the study of God! If you are studying anything about God or learning about God, then you are already participating in the discipline of theology.

As you study theology, you’ll develop doctrine. Doctrine is the set of beliefs you stand-by on a particular subject. As you engage in studying theology, you’ll develop a set of beliefs that you have about God, His Divine attributes, and various related subjects; your doctrine will inform and govern your philosophies, ideologies, and life convictions. In essence, your doctrine will shape your daily choices and impact your every day life; and it’s important to remember that your doctrine is continually shaped and formed as you engage in the discipline of theology, therefore, theology matters!

This Doctrine section is designed to be a resource to you, as you seek to become a more theologically-sound disciple of Christ and as you endeavor to be a greater Iron Man! What you’ll find herein is multiple sections, organized by doctrinal subjects, for your convenience and ease of review. Enjoy!


♦   What is Doctrine and Theology?

♦   The Doctrine of The Word of God

♦   Doctrine of God

♦   Doctrine of Man in Relation to God

♦   Doctrine of Christ and the Holy Spirit

♦   Doctrine of the Application of Redemption

♦   Doctrine of the Church

♦   Doctrine of the Future